Where To Find a Fun Gift For Dad — HemdVoorHem — Happy Men’s Socks

Who are they?

HemdVoorHem.nl is a webshop from The Netherlands for men in non-iron shirts, men’s sweaters, polo shirts, ties, men’s underwear, men’s socks, and accessories (such as cufflinks, belts, and phone cases). Since our founding in 2010, we want to keep improving ourselves for a maximum online shopping experience.

What is their major focus?

Shirts are and remain our specialty, we have an extensive collection in our online shop. They are no ordinary shirts, but mainly non-iron shirts. There are some exceptions, such as OLYMP Level 5, these are extra easy care. In addition, you will find a still-growing collection of other clothing items for him.

What are Happy Socks?

The name says it all, you can’t help but be happy with Happy Socks! The Happy Socks for men and women are the same, you can choose from two sizes. Happy Socks will make you happy, and everyone else who sees them can’t help but smile. The cotton stretch socks are known for their cheerful colors and striking patterns. An easy way to make every day just that bit more fun. Whether you wear them with a business suit or casual outfit, Happy Socks are fun for men and women. For yourself, but certainly also as a present.

What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton, literally is combed, leaving long, straight cotton fibers only by removing short fibers and impurities to make the fabric stronger and softer. It is a very soft version of cotton, making combed cotton very suitable for sensitive skin.

What did I think?

These 2 pairs of socks were in my gift box. Don’t you just love them? I don’t see why men’s socks can’t be fun. They are made at calf’s length from combed cotton. You could feel that especially the inside is a lot softer than regular socks. 😍



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