Where To Find 24 Great Gifts For Men and Women — Beauty Gift Guide

Picture provided by Ambered Ember

AE Plumping Serum $38.00

Picture provided by Ambered Ember https://amberedember.com/products/ae-plumping-serum

Sawtooth Mountain Cedar Citrus — Aftershave $18.00

Picture provided by https://www.averagebros.com/product-page/sawtooth-mountain-cedar-citrus-aftershave

Anti Wrinkle Cream, Anti Aging Face Moisturizer — Normal to Dry Skin and Skin Firming Eye Serum Duo $37.00

Picture provided by https://belessence.com/anti-wrinkle-cream-and-eye-serum-duo/

pH Plex 1 protect, 2 repair & 3 stabilize — Full Service Kit $13.99

Picture provided by https://www.amazon.com/Plex-Protect-Repair-Stabilize-Between/dp/B08DCLVZ93/

Complete Curl Care And Styling Set $90.00

Picture provided by https://royallocks.com/collections/sets/products/complete-curly-hair-care-and-styling-set

Cupcake Polish — Starting at $8.50

Picture provided by https://www.cupcakepolish.com/collections/shop-all

Sisi Spray n’ Style $30

Picture provided by https://www.thesisibrush.com/

No Slip Hair Ties $5.99

Picture provided by https://nosliphairties.com/

Pure Personal Care Pack $36.00

Picture provided by https://hohnatural.com/collections/all/products/pure-personal-care-pack-free-gift

Essential Makeup Limited Edition w/ Bag $129.00

Picture provided by https://www.lajeanell.com/product/signature-versatile-essential-cosmetics-limited-edition-from-lajeanell/


Picture provided by https://rejuvaliftbeauty.com/products/rejuvalift-starter-kit-10-applications

On-The-Go Essentials $80

Picture provided by https://www.bioeffect.com/products/on-the-go-essentials

Organic Revitalizing Night Cream $29.99

Picture provided by https://www.blockislandorganics.com/Products/Organic-Revitalizing-Night-Cream---2-fl-oz__RNC0001.aspx

Starter Pack $54.00

Picture provided by https://jelcie.com/products/starter-pack


Picture provided by https://www.dalvey.com/classic-shaving-set-stand-black-handle-super-badger-brush-00768

Ultimate Wrinkle Repair $24.99

Picture provided by https://www.myaderm.com/products/ultimate-wrinkle-repair-cbd

G.L.A.M (Glow Like a Mother) Hydration Trio $100.00

Picture provided by https://gorgeousconfidence.com/collections/shop/products/glow-like-a-mother-hydration-trio

Organic Chocolate Lip Scrub Flaky Chapped Lips $10.99

Picture provided by https://www.clairepearsoncoaching.com/gifts/p/organic-chocolate-lip-scrub-flaky-chapped-lips

LOLI — Organic Plum Elixir Revitalizing Face Oil $68.00

Picture provided by https://www.amazon.com/LOLI-Ultra-Hydrating-Non-Toxic-Food-Grade-Skincare/dp/B08H3ZY9PV/ref=sr_1_1_sspa

Shampoo Bar Hydrate $20.00

Picture provided by https://www.smallflower.com/products/shambar-shampoo-bar-hydrate-100-g?variant=37056778371223

Day at the Spa $75.00

Picture provided by https://www.dorothylane.com/item/DayattheSpa

Bridal Glow Masque $59.00

Picture provided by https://zeylbeauty.com/collections/shop/products/bridal-glow-masque

Vivaspring Vitamin C Shower Filters $24.99

Picture provided by https://www.brondell.com/brondell-vivaspring-vitamin-c-shower-filter/


Picture provided by https://www.sweetwaterlabsnyc.com/products/8-product-sampler



Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and huge lover of everything handmade — follow my blog on https://seadbeady.blogspot.com/

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Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and huge lover of everything handmade — follow my blog on https://seadbeady.blogspot.com/