Great Tips to Take Care of Your Feet — Kneipp — Hydro Kick — The new foot care

Hydro Kick — The new foot care from Kneipp

This summer your feet will get a fresh hydro kick! Namely, with two new Kneipp foot products with a moisturizing and cooling effect.
First, the Cooling foot bath crystals. This allows you to take a refreshing foot bath that will completely refresh you and your feet.
Second, a delicious Hydro foot cream with fresh menthol for a long-lasting cooling effect and good care of your feet. The aquatic scent of these two new foot products is like an invigorating summer breeze.
They are available from the end of April at and at well-known Kneipp sales points.

Foot Bath Crystals

  1. The first part of my foot care treatment was the bath crystals. What do they say about this product?
  2. This salt comes from a dried up sea from 250 million years ago. Because the salt is so deep, it is free from pollution and is extra rich in valuable minerals. With these foot bath crystals, you really treat yourself to something valuable and you benefit from the power of nature.
  3. Refresh your feet and feel the pleasant cooling effect of a footbath with the natural ingredient menthol. The extracts of aloe vera and water mint gently cleanse, revitalize and neutralize for fresh and well-groomed feet.
  4. How to use it:
    Fill the cap to the brim with bath crystals and dissolve them in a footbath with lukewarm water. Enjoy this foot bath for about 10 minutes.
  1. Oh my, I forgot to warn you about the naked flesh. I sure hope I didn’t scare you too much. That was never my intention. 😳
  2. The moment you have been waiting for. What did I think about it? It felt as if I was in a Spa. As I opened the bottle, it was a kind of weird smell, but not that bad, but when you put the crystals in the water it really has about the same lovely scent of a Wellness center. 😚

Hydro foot cream

  1. After the bath, you pat the feet dry and then pamper them with the foot cream. What do they say about this product?
  2. Hydro foot cream with aloe vera, water mint and the naturally cooling menthol absorbs quickly and immediately refreshes tired feet and legs. Thanks to the cooling and intensive moisturizing effect, the skin feels smooth, fresh and revitalized. Gently massage into the feet to feel refreshed and invigorated.
  1. As they said, I gently massaged the cream into my feet. What a treat, and I can imagine the cooling effect this foot care treatment could have on a hot summer day or after a long walk. 😎

A few advantages.

  1. Hydrating, cooling and refreshing
  2. With refreshing water mint, aloe vera and menthol
  3. Dermatological tested
  4. Vegan and not tested on animals
  5. Without preservatives, paraffin, mineral oils, silicones, microplastics
  6. The bottle packaging and the label of the Kneipp foot bath crystals are made of 99% recycled material. (They are still working on the cap)



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