Best Tips on Where To Find Plant Based Wrinkle Release Spray — Tom & Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle

Hi There….. Do you like spending time behind your ironing board? Would you like me to tell you more about a plant-based wrinkle release spray? 😉

If you ask me, ironing isn’t the worst of all the household chores. Then again, there are so many more fun things to do. Why would we do it if we don’t have to? We could spend time with the kids, do a workout, bake a cake, or perhaps just sit back and relax. 😎

I remember when my kids were young, the number of clothes ready for ironing would pile up in no…

Hi There….. Are you a cat lover, by chance? Do you like to wear graphic T shirts?

That’s 2 big Yesses for me. Graphic T shirts can be so cool, and I am a huge cat lover. Any cat-like species will do. You should see my Facebook page. It’s full of clips with them. They would have to put me in a straitjacket to keep me from sharing them. I sure hope they don’t, because that would be mighty uncomfortable. 😵

Because of my invalidating joint problems, we moved to an apartment about 5 years ago. The kids had left home, and the house got too big for us. I had too much trouble with all the…

Hi There….. Do you like high waisted colored jeans?

I do. I like colored jeans very much, and preferably slim-fit and high waisted jeans that are stretchy and comfortable. 😍

They weren’t stretchy at all when I was young. I remember the many times having to lie on my bed, holding my breath to make my tummy flatter and squeeze in my jeans. Have you ever done that? Ooh, so much fun. If I would have squeezed just a little more, I would have burst open like an orange. 😬

Although, it’s nothing compared to what I saw on a…

Hi There….. Would you like some more advice on women’s fashion? Are you ready for the next fashion stylist interview?

I can only hope that you are, because it seems like ages ago since I posted that first fashion stylist blog interview. The reviews are my priority, because I don’t think it would be fair to keep shops waiting that sent me items. 😊

I don’t charge any costs for publishing interviews. Yes, I am slightly crazy, but there is no need to worry. It doesn’t hurt a bit. 😕

There have been some hiccups, though, because of a change in shipping policies for items coming from outside of Europe. As you can guess, I live on the inside of…

Hi There….. Do you use lip balm to treat your dry lips?

If I don’t use lip balm, my lips dry up completely and then I bite off pieces of dried skin. Often I end up with a bleeding lip because I pull off too much skin. Oh my, perhaps I am a cannibal without realizing it? 😳

Nah, I don’t think so, but what would you say if I told you I was a stone-cold killer? Yes, and my husband’s one as well. We both killed only 2 days ago. I did in the morning, and he was at…

Hi There….. Would you like some tips on cleaning jewelry and how to store jewelry?

Since jewelry is an important part of fashion, I thought you might be interested. After all, cleaning jewelry and knowing how to store jewelry is very important to make those stunning pieces last longer. 😃

I used to make lots of beadwork jewelry myself but had to close my Etsy shop because it wasn’t profitable enough. At the moment, I am more into knitting and some occasional sewing if my body feels like it. 😏

My first cardigan isn’t done yet, and I am already…

Hi There….. Are you a fan of flower art? Do you like resin jewelry?

I love both flower art and resin jewelry if they are well made. Many years ago, I had a stunning piece of dried flowers, but it was made with mirrors and very hard to clean. It got very dirty after a few years and completely lost its charm. I so miss cleaning it. Duh, no, of course not. Nothing fun about cleaning. 😏

There is one piece of flower art that also almost got lost, but we could repair it. It’s a frame with my original…

Hi There….. Do I need to ask you if you are a fan of women’s fashion?

I don’t think so. What would you be reading my blog for then if not to know more about women’s fashion? Ah yes, you could have been waiting for a new review. Today, however, I wanted to talk to you about female body types. What would we be without them? 😉

You know, I had this post planned on Wednesday, but I was having so much fun that I totally forgot all about you sitting behind your screens waiting for my post to pop…

Hi There….. Did you gain a few pounds in those crazy Corona times? Do you like sportswear and fitness clothing?

Then this blog post is the perfect match for you. Don’t worry if you haven’t gained weight, and do not need to work out like crazy. This blog post is perfect for you too if you like sportswear and fitness clothing. Ah, yes, this one is for everyone, man or woman, big or small. 😍

When I was in secondary school, I was the biggest fan of gym lessons, because I was so good at it. Nah, of course not…

Interview with Fashion Designer Morgan Oughton

Hi There….. Would you like to dive into the fashion industry and get a new fashion designer interview today?

Not that your yes or no is going to make any difference to what I am presenting to you today. That fashion designer interview is on the menu today, like it or not. You can say anything you want about it in the comment section, though. That’s a lie because I don’t allow any spamming in my comments. 😏

I used to think, why do people hate spam. It’s not that bad. We used to eat it a lot when I…


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